The 5th Congress of the Jordanian Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism (JSED)

المؤتمر الخامس للجمعية الاردنية لاختصاصيي الغدد الصم والسكري وأمراض الاستقلاب

The 5th Congress of the Jordanian Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism (JSED)


والمؤتمر المشترك للجمعية الاردنية لاختصاصيي الغدد الصم والسكري وأمراض الاستقلاب والجمعية الامريكية للغدد الصم (فرع الأردن)

The Joint JSED-AACE (Jordan Chapter) Congress


بالتعاون مع الجمعيه اليونانيه للغدد الصم

In collaboration with the Hellenic Endocrine Society, Greece


11-14 May 2017

Le Royal Hotel, Amman




The Major Scientific Topics of the Conference are:

  • Diabetes

       – Prevalence and pathophysiology 

       – Advances in the management of diabetes

       – Diabetes complications & management

       – Guideline of management of hypertension in hospital OPC

       – CVD and diabetes

       – Clinical Science of Incretin – CLI

  •  Thyroid diseases

       – Hyper and hypothyroidism (clinical and subclinical) 

       – Updates in Thyroid and cancer

       – Thyroid diseases and pregnancy 

  • Pituitary disorders

        – Pituitary tumors

        – GH disorders and their management

        – NET 

  • Obesity

  • Adrenal Disorders

  • Osteoporosis & metabolic bone diseases

  • Gonad dysfunction; hot issues 

  • (Neck and Thyroid) Ultrasound Course


Committee Chairs Of The Conference

Executive Committee

  • Dr. Rashad Nasser 
  • Dr. Abdelkarim Khawaldeh 
  • Dr. Ahmad Kheir 
  • Dr. Aly Mishal 
  • Dr. Amal Madanat 
  • Assoc. Prof. Fares Haddad 
  • Prof. Fawaz Ammari 
  • Dr. Jihad Haddad 
  • Dr. Khalil Soutary 
  • Prof. Mohamed El-Zaheri 
  • Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim 
  • Dr. Mousa Abu-Jbara 
  • Dr. Muwafag Al-Hyari 
  • Dr. Nadim Jarrah 
  • Dr. Nadima Shegem 
  • Dr. Nidal Khateeb 
  • Dr. Omar Abu-Hijleh 
  • Dr. Omar Malkawi 
  • Dr. Sami Haddad


Scientific Committee

  • Assoc. Prof. Fares Haddad 
  • Dr. Ahmad Omari 
  • Dr. Amal Madanat 
  • Dr. Dina Zaqqa 
  • Dr. Enas Younis 
  • Dr. Firas Annabi 
  • Dr. Muries Barham 
  • Dr. Nahla Khawaja 
  • Dr. Rula Goussous


Steering Committee

  1. (AACE) Jordan Chapter
  • Prof. Hossein Gharib
  • Dr. Nadim Jarrah
  • Dr. Nahla Khawaja
  • Dr. Omar Abu-Hijleh


  1. (Helenic Endocrine Society Greece)
  • Prof. Jadalla Mousleh
  • Dr. Sarantis Livadas
  • Dr. Jihad Haddad



  1. (JSED)
  • Prof. Mohamed El-Zaheri
  • Assoc. Prof. Fares Haddad
  • Dr. Ahmad Omari


Exhibition Committee

  • Dr. Ahmad Kheir
  • Dr. Abdelkarim Khawaldeh
  • Dr. Abdullah Abdelaziz
  • Dr. Sami Haddad
  • Dr. Suzan Etawi


Social Committee

  • Dr. Nadima Shegem
  • Dr. Amal Madanat
  • Dr. Dana Hyasat
  • Dr. Khaldoun Alsarihin
  • Dr. Nahla Khawaja


Media Committee

  • Dr. Abdelkarim Khawaldeh 
  • Dr. Munzer Al-Momani 
  • Dr. Nadima Shegem 
  • Dr. Nadim Jarrah 
  • Dr. Omar Abu-Hijleh


Finance Committee

  • Dr. Muwafag Al-Hyari 
  • Dr. Yahya Azam 
  • Dr. Omar Malkawi 
  • Dr. Mousa Abu-Jbara 
  • Mr. Sami Al-Abdallat



  • Prof. Abdul-Badi Abou-Samra                Qatar 
  • Dr. Adnan Zayadeen                                   Jordan 
  • Prof. Ahmad Mekeen                                   Sudan 
  • Prof. Annamaria Colao                               Italy 
  • Prof. Ashley Grossman                             UK 
  • Dr. Ebaa Al Ozairi                                          Kuwait 
  • Prof. E Diamanti-Kandarakis                 Greece 
  • Prof. Francisco Bandeira                         Brazil 
  • Prof. Gregory Kaltsas                                 Greece 
  • Prof. Hossein Gharib                                   USA 
  • Prof. Jaddalla Mouslech                            Greece 
  • Prof. John Wass                                            UK 
  • H.E. Prof. Kamel Ajlouni                            Jordan 
  • Prof. Maria Alevizaki                                    Greece 
  • Prof. Mastorakos George                        Greece 
  • Dr. Maysaa Al-Momani                              Jordan 
  • Dr. Mohammad Ghatasheh                     Jordan 
  • Dr. Mohammad Juma Ibrahim                Jordan 
  • Prof. Muhammad Abdul-Ghani               USA 
  • Prof. Neoklis A. Georgopoulos             Greece 
  • Dr. Omar Abu Hijleh                                      Jordan 
  • Dr. Raffi Poladian                                          Lebanon 
  • Prof. Reinhard Becker                               Germany 
  • Prof. Richard Joseph Auchus                USA 
  • Dr. Saleh Dasouqi                                         USA 
  • Dr. Samih Khulaifat                                       Jordan 
  • Prof. Sarantis Livadas                               Greece 
  • Prof. Sethu K. Reddy                                  USA 
  • Prof. Solomon Tesfaye                             UK 
  • Dr. Tareq Bisheh                                            Jordan

Pre-Congress Course


AACE/ACE Principles of Endocrine Neck Sonography Course™

In collaboration with AACE Educational Services (AES)

10-11 May 2017


11 May 2017

Pre-registration is required / Limited numbers for Registration  


JSED Scientific Committee

Assoc. Prof. F. Haddad, M.D, FRCP

Tel: +962 772000807


Mobile: +962 795772707


This congress are accredited for 28 CMEs by the Jordanian Medical Council.

Congress Registration Fees

JSED, AACE and Hellenic Endocrine Society Members: $300

Non Members: $400 

Accompanying Person: $200

Pre congress Neck &Thyroid Sonography Course: $500 

Diabetes and Endocrinology Nursing Course: $70

(Pre-registration is required)

Medical Students & Endocrine Fellows: free pre-registration is required with limited access to scientific sessions and can get attendance certificate only.


The JOA Secretariat

Jordan Valley Conferences & exhibition services

Tel: +962 6 461 8448

Fax: +962 6 4618558




Hotel Accommodation

Venue: Le Royal Hotel Amman (5 stars) 

Single room: $210

Double room: $270

Standard Room (Main venue of the Congress)

– Above rates in US dollar, per night per room inclusive of 10% service charge & 16% sales tax.

– Above rates include Buffet Breakfast.

– Parking is free for participants




Climate: Average Temperature in May varies between (28c-32c) Mostly

Currency: The Jordanian official currency is Jordanian Dinar (JD)

The rate of exchange for US Dollar = 0.7 JD

Transportation: From airport (queen Alia) to hotel taxis always available, price about 25 JD (35$)

Visa: For participation from Europe and US. Need visa, it can be obtained on arrival to Queen Alia International Airport.

Letter of Invitation: This will be forwarded upon request without any financial obligations from the congress.


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